Why choose SpiderPlow™?

SpiderPlow™ is committed to give first class service to contractors involved in building underground utility infrastructures utilizing the most efficient, less invasive alternative to traditional trenching methods. Professional execution together with minimal environment impact are our hallmarks.

Over the past 22 years, we have assisted contractors to install over 35,000 kilometres of underground cables and pipes working in some of the most hostile environments and highest regulated markets worldwide. Generally, we collaborate with the contractor to install utility infrastructures such as water, irrigation, oil & gas pipes, telecommunications conduits, fibre-optic and high voltage power cables.

The benefits of SpiderPlow™


  • Up to 20 times faster than traditional trenching


  • Up to 50% cost savings compared to conventional trenching techniques


  • Ability to work on all terrains and conditions excluding solid/hard rock

Environmentally friendly

  • Proven track record of operating in some of the most sensitive environments, including World Heritage sites
  • Reduces fuel emissions by up to 400%

Safe and proven

  • We operate in some of the world’s most strictly regulated markets and industries
  • Our operation always meets the highest health and safety standards