About Us

SpiderPlow™ is the industry leader in specialist trenchless services for underground utility infrastructure installation including water and gas pipes, telecommunications conduits, fibre-optic and high voltage power cables.

We turned 2000 years of thinking on its head by being the first company to question traditional trench laying techniques and develop the technologies and techniques that have revolutionised utility installation.

22 years on and still under the guidance of the founding Directors, SpiderPlow™ remains the most technically advanced and innovative company in its field, delivering more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly solutions year on year.

Our objective today is the same as the one we were founded on: to offer cable and pipe installation at the best possible price, within the shortest time frame and with the least environmental impact.

Key milestones and innovations

Since the introduction of the first SpiderPlow™ in 1995 outside of Central Europe the ever growing challenges in all the different countries SpiderPlow™ is operating in, have shaped the evolution of the SPIDERPLOW™ machine.

Continous challenges through utility owners’ requests to install greater diameter pipes and the needs for power cables placed with different configurations – all to greater depths – has kept the technology and company constantly moving forward.

Gunther Sperber, our founder and CEO, was inspired during his involvement with the (that time called) “Kabelpflug” (Cableplow) for the first time when he worked as a subcontractor for a Kabelpflug Contractor to install telecom cables in Germany in the mid Eighties.

His experience and mindboggling calculations during the times he walked kilometre after kilometre behind this cable-swallowing monster only to spit it out again deep in the ground, created his vision and determination to 10 years later invest all his lifesavings into the SpiderPlow™ business.

The positive response from utility companies and contractors have been the foundation for establishing a Group of SpiderPlow™ companies spread out around the globe.

Gunther Sperber

Founder and Director

Gunther, a German national first came across the SPIDERPLOW™ in the mid Eighties in Bavaria when the technology was in its infancy.

He had the vision to take this technology with him when immigrating to Australia.

From the beginning, Gunther’s insights have driven SpiderPlow’s™ innovations – all based on operational experience.

Over the years, his insights have helped to extend our abilities through modifications such as a fibre optic cable zero tension device and the S-type front feeding pipe chute, which gave the SPIDERPLOW™ the capability to handle larger pipe sizes.

Andrew Curtis


Andrew and Gunther have worked together since 1996. They have collaborated to expand the business from a single plow operating company in Australia into a group that now spans the globe.

Andrew is based in London and acts as the CFO for all the group companies worldwide.

Gabriela Parker

Vice President of Operation in the United States & Canada

Gabriela Parker, a native of Austria joined SpiderPlow™ as an executive assistant after completing her International Business Degree at the University of Colorado in 1995. She has been with SpiderPlow™ for almost 20 years, participating in the growth of the company from the very beginning. Gabriela is based at SpiderPlow’s™ US headquarter in Denver, Colorado and now leads the US business as the Vice President of SpiderPlow™ Inc.

Dominik Haritzer

CTO Europe

Dominik joined the Spiderplow Group of Companies as a partner and Chief Technical Officer at the beginning of 2016. Since then, with his 12 years of experience of working with Spiderplow equipment, he has made an immense contribution to the continued success of our operations in Europe, Africa and North America.

Richard Zander

Sales and Marketing Director
Business Development USA and Canada

Richard Zander is a 37 year veteran of U.S. environmental and Federal regulatory management of natural resources. During Mr. Zander’s 28-year tenure at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, he facilitated the development of best land management practices to minimize environmental impacts from mineral development and pipeline construction, which were adopted by the Department of the Interior/Bureau of Land Management and the Western Governors Association. As an environmental consultant he worked for 8 years doing Quality Assurance Quality Control on various seismic and pipeline projects. With this background, he brings to SpiderPlow extensive knowledge, experience and key contacts related to U.S. land management best practices and regulations. This background enables Mr. Zander to be a strong, authoritative advocate for the industry-leading environmental benefits provided by the SpiderPlow method of pipe and utility installation. He has a B.S. degree in Wildlife Biology, Terrestrial Option from the University of Montana.

Based in Wyoming, Mr. Zander is responsible for sales and marketing of SpiderPlow’s services in the U.S. and Canada.