SpiderPlow™ Method: Trenchless Utility Installation

We install utilities quickly and efficiently compared to the time consuming and costly nature of traditional open trenching. Our trademark-protected SPIDERPLOW™ machines have been developed and refined over 60 years and have become a recognised and proven installation method in almost every part of the world. Some utility owners actually specify the SPIDERPLOW™ in their tender documents.

Why SpiderPlowing™ is a smarter choice

Fast and efficient

  • Ripping, installation and backfilling performed simultaneously
  • Enables contractor to hand over projects faster, resulting in milestone and completion payments unlocked sooner
  • Shorter lead times in environmental permit approvals
  • Up to 20 times faster than traditional trenching
  • Traffic disruptions are kept to a minimum
  • Eliminates days lost to wet weather
  • Substantially reduces route preparations
  • Cuts down manhandling/damages of material
  • Unmatched installation speed of up to 1500 m/hr
  • Installs multiple cables, pipes together with marker tapes, tracer & ground wires at the same time
  • Plowing of cables and conduits in various configurations and layers to client specifications
  • Projects completed faster enhances your bottom line

Completing projects in a fraction of time enhances your bottom line

Cost effective

  • Savings of up to 50% over conventional trenching
  • Eliminates costs associated with sand bedding
  • Plowing pipes to depths of 3 meters (10 feet)
  • Simpler and faster permit dealings
  • Rapid mob- and demobilisation
  • No need for trench shoring
  • Up to 400% fuel savings
  • Eliminates re-seeding cost
  • Less manual manpower required
  • Reduces equipment fleet number and size
  • Reduces expensive methods for engineering difficulties
  • Minimal ground disturbance means less restoration

Effective in all terrains

  • Works in every ground condition, excluding solid rock
  • Tackles undulating terrain and slopes with ease
  • Works in permafrost as well as dune sands
  • Wetlands and swamps pose no limitations
  • Minimises post construction settlements
  • Plow through river depths of up to 1.5m
  • No damage to road surfaces and base

Safe and proven

  • No possibility of trench collapse
  • Remote controlled latest model SPIDERPLOW’s™
  • Eradicates costs associated with rain water filled trenches
  • Absolutely no risk to motorists, passersby and livestock
  • Proven, accepted and preferred installation method
  • Reduced health and safety risks for workers

Environmentally friendly

  • Simplified and faster environment impact permit process
  • Needs only 1/3 the width of conventional Right of Ways
  • Proven track record in the most sensitive environments
  • Avoids damage to flora, fauna and agricultural assets
  • No introduction of foreign soils (sand) necessary
  • Mixing of topsoil with subsoils is minimised
  • in the world including World Heritage sites
  • Minimal tree and bush clearing required
  • Does not create wash-outs or erosion
  • No need to re-seed disturbed areas
  • Very low construction footprint