Our Services

We are an innovative, specialist sub-contractor offering modern trenchless, pipe and cable installation worldwide.

Our flexible approach caters for a variety of budgets and timescales, while at all times minimising environmental impact.

We pride ourselves on professional service and precise execution

  • SpiderPlow supplies its specialized machinery with qualified operators to seamlessly support major contractors.
  • We can assist you every step of the way – from the tendering process, project liaison, installation to client sign off.
  • We make budgeting easy offering our set laying rates which are charged on a per metre basis
  • Our objective is to offer cable and pipe installation within your given budget and time frame with the least environmental impact.
  • Contact us for more information and to discover how we can help your specific project.

Technical capabilities

Communications cables & conduits

Network construction of fibre optic cables direct buried or conduit installation. Plowing of up to 48 (40/33mm) conduits together with warning tape. Uncompromisingly high standards for trouble-free fibre optic cable blowing of up to 3000m in one shot.

Electricity cables

Low-, medium- and high-voltage electricity cables up to 380 KV circuits.

Plowing of collection and transmission systems on renewable energy wind farm and solar farm projects, railway signaling and power distribution lines.

With our SPIDERPLOW’s™ we can install multiple cables/ circuits in any desired configuration and spacing. Circuits, marker tapes and ground conductors are installed simultaneously.

Water pressure pipes, gravity water- & sewer pipelines

HDPE pipelines with diameters of up to 630 mm (24 inches) can be plowed to depths of up to 3.00 meters (10 feet).

Various sizes can be installed simultaneously, together with marker tape and tracer wires.

Installation of gravity lines are plowed using the latest Trimble technology in combination with a Tacheometry system.

Gravity sewer & drainage pipes

Gravity feed HDPE pipelines can be accurately installed using a SPIDERPLOW™ mounted Trimble GPS Guidance System and hydraulic operated depth control system.

Irrigation, gas & slurry pipelines

HDPE pipe up to 24” (630 mm), steel and high pressure composite pipes up to 200mm (8”) diameter in various configurations and separation, to a depth of 2.5m (8.5’).

Our clients

Our clients are contractors working in the oil & gas, mining, railway, water, irrigation, telecommunications and renewable energy industries, Governments and NGO’s.

A truly global company

Working across 4 continents, we have hundreds of clients worldwide.